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Clean & friendly staff

John on Silk, Corfu, Greece on 2017-07-25

“We made a visit last week with some swinging friends, the club is very nice, clean with extra friendly staff, only complaint is the music was a little to loud but then we are Please make the effort and visit.” read more



Marwan on FairyTails, Luxembourg, Luxembourg on 2017-07-25

“The best house tribal clubbing experience in Luxembourg.” read more

Staff need training

Billi on Sweatbox Sauna, London, United Kingdom on 2017-07-25

“I had unpleasant greeting. Staff member became suspicious that I was drunk. If he had been a native English speaker he would've realized I was a North American trying to figure out the menu of options and he mistook my f...” read more

Not as Good as I hoped

Robert on Massage Munich, Munich, Germany on 2017-07-24

“He isn't bad- but he talks nonstop and spends most of the time doing just that.” read more


can on Military Store, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-24

“I want buy something what my german friend told me, but they answered all my questions "no we dont have them". It was so strange.. by the way I'm Turkish!!” read more

Over priced and attitude

Jack on ZOO Mens Bar, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-07-24

“Although the club was clean and facilities are OK the arrogant management attitude has now percolated down to the staff too. Remember that it might be YOUR club but it is our money that is keeping you there. Now 10 Euros...” read more

Rubberdaddy FI

Kipe on Expectations – shop closed – online only, London, United Kingdom on 2017-07-24

“Went to Expectations while in London with great enthusiasm as I can't buy latex so much home. I was like a kid in a candyshop. I browsed and tried on like almost two hours and found just what I was looking for and got gr...” read more

If the place is a rockin'...come a knockin'

Al on Trombeta Bath, Lisbon, Portugal on 2017-07-23

“Visited on Sunday arvo 16Jul. As soon as we entered we were hit with loud techno music and found loads of younger party-type guys hanging around the bar and lockers and thought 'this is going to be a disaster'. However...” read more

Ordinary, disappointing but clean & friendly

Al on Sauna Condal, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-07-23

“Went on Sunday. Discrete entrance, guys at front reception were friendly, clean facilities. Good start! Pool/jacuzzi is a good size but was only warm at best, but pleasant enough. A few guys were always in it. Same wi...” read more

Sympa mais trop enfumé

Alain on Le GLAM, Nice, France on 2017-07-23

“Bon, assez sympa, bonne musique , le seul gros souci: La cigarette. Contrairement à la législation, La direction laisse fumer ... au bout de deux heures là-dedans, c'est insupportable” read more

Total NO. Don't go.

Henry on Aquarius Sauna, Istanbul, Turkey on 2017-07-23

“This is an escorts house, not a sauna. Unless you're willing to pay, don't go there. No cruising at all. Total rip off. Dirty and unhygienic.” read more

Hit and miss

Ray on B:EAST Party, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-22

“Beast seems to have lost the plot a bit recently. The last few events have been empty with not many guys. I think the terrible experience at Ipse with the horrendous queues, cloak room melt down and rude staff has made a...” read more

Tom's is a joke

Neil on TOM’S Bar, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-22

“Tom's bare really is a joke and aimed at tourists. The basement can get busy but there is no real action. All the guys are walk round and round searching Grindr on their phones. The bar staff are so rude and try to short...” read more

You are not missing anything

Neil on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-22

“Do the worry about being refused entry, your not missing anything. The Jaxx has lost it and at the most there are 5 guys inside. ” read more


Neil on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-22

“Jaxx used to be very popular many years back but no one goes here anymore. Most guys use apps to meet these day.The last few times I've visited it has been empty with a handful of rent boys inside. I watched an older guy...” read more


Robin on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-22

“Very lovely and kind atmosphere for people who are pretty and care enough about themselves to fight age. As gay men we have enough time and money to fix ourselves, go running to stay fit (!!), fix our teeth and skin and ...” read more

Only quite few people

Travellers on Club Le7, Nice, France on 2017-07-22

“We were here on Friday night between 23.00 and 01.30. Very little people. Quite surprising because of large number of tourists and locals as well. The place is good as such, though.” read more

Worst party ever

Mario on FAG Party, Ibiza, Spain on 2017-07-22

“Been to many places in Ibiza and around the world and this Fag night on Friday during peak season in Ibiza is a joke. Place was empty and only lost tourists who ware given a wrist band on beach or in city ware inside the...” read more

Drako Lisbon gay cruise club

Not worth to climb up!

Oliver on DRAKO Club, Lisbon, Portugal on 2017-07-21

“I was there on Friday night and there were just ten guys and more of them were tourists. Beside this, the location is like no where in the world. I can safely say that is not worth to look for this place and climb up tha...” read more


pierre on OHLALA, Valencia, Spain on 2017-07-21

“Le Ho la la qui ouvrait en after a cesse de fonctionner , le local sert maintenant au Nuncadigono aux horaires de bar de nuit , il n'y a plus d'after .” read more

Staff issues

jason on Touch Sauna, Swindon, United Kingdom on 2017-07-21

“There are two staff, one is staff member is really nice. One is judgmental. I am paying your wages, its such a shame as the other staff members are nice but one has issues. They charge £15 in London and you get in for t...” read more

Brighton " "Want your money but don't want you" beach

Mike on Official Nudist Beach, Brighton, United Kingdom on 2017-07-21

“I have going down to Brighton nudist beach for the last twenty years. There are no toilets (unless you want to get dressed and use the one in the Volks railway ), there are no facilities for food or any kind of refreshme...” read more

Very good

Oz on Olissipo Bath, Lisbon, Portugal on 2017-07-21

“Open recently, small but clean, modern and very good, nice staff, superb massages. Clients vary, older in afternoon, younger later.” read more

Keep going

Paco on Sweatbox Sauna, London, United Kingdom on 2017-07-21

“Despite the ban to poppers, and that most guys got a lot of attitude, it's still the best sauna in town. If you are local you will probably manage to find out the best day and hour for you. I've always had fun and I'...” read more

gay bar in Warsaw


Peter on Mask Club, Warsaw, Poland on 2017-07-21

“A great place to play around. Every night has a different theme. Good location. Lovely guy at the reception. Friendly guys playing around. Recommend this place if you are looking for a good time and a hot encounter.” read more

Disappointed since the renovation.

Wesley on Sauna Nieuwezijds, Amsterdam, Netherlands on 2017-07-21

“I was hoping that the steam room at least would be as good as or better than it was. Unfortunately, it's worse! The red lights are too bright and they've put this stage area in place of what used to be a nice dark privac...” read more

Good hang out spot

Michael on Café Bar Flirt, Prague, Czech Republic on 2017-07-20

“I went for a coffee around 18h, and there were some people on the main level. The bartender was very competent and the coffee was good. A nice place when I needed a day off alcohol. They also have gay maps and inform...” read more

Faulty equipment

snow on EAGLE 50 Sauna, Cardiff, United Kingdom on 2017-07-20

“Visited Eagle 50 Sauna in Cardiff today (20.07.17) As I approached the entrance (about 12:20pm) the guy behind the counter told me there was one person in so far. I asked if everything was working as the last time I w...” read more


Charlie-Hugh on BULL, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-20

“Stumbled upon this place, appeared closed from the outside until we heard the vibration from the music. Met Stefan at the bar, he was very friendly. Deliberately got me and my friend drunk thought by pouring huge measure...” read more

Excellent reply

Joop on Lab-oratory @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany on 2017-07-20

“Excellent report.” read more