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TImE oFF by Romeo&Julio

Ruggero on TImE oFF by Romeo & Julio, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-11-20

“The best FFetish gay club for real FF lovers” read more

What a sauna experience

Gordon on Le Sun Lyon, Lyon, France on 2017-11-20

“Even if you do not get some, Le Sun is worth the 21 euro entrance. The foam bath dance party around 4pm is devine. Action comes early around the 5 to 6 pm hour on Sunday. A delicious full spread french buffet is serve...” read more

Overpriced, but lots of hot guys

Shane on XXL @ Pulse, London, United Kingdom on 2017-11-19

“I'm not generally a club type, wasn't excited about the pricey cover and watery, expensive drinks. Music was OK, but poorly mixed. Good venue with professional, friendly staff . There are bears, but not as many as yo...” read more

Friendly bar!

Brian on Lindo Café & Bar, Krakow, Poland on 2017-11-19

“Welcoming staff, nice crowds and generally friendly atmosphere!” read more

They don´t accept international credit cards

Patrick on Olissipo Bath, Lisbon, Portugal on 2017-11-19

“This Sauna is only accepting cash or domestic credit cards. Went to the larger Trombetha instead, they accept all cards.” read more


Julian on TEXAS Sauna, Stockholm, Sweden on 2017-11-19

“The place was so dirty I would not dare to walk barefoot. Inside the Sauna there were young dressed people (male and female) from the neighbor bar that can access the sauna on different days. The proper sauna is very...” read more

Wonderful Massage

Julian on Gran Canaria Gay Massage, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-11-19

“Thank you Greg for the excellent tantra massage. I greatly enjoyed the two hours massage and I really recommend your services.” read more

An extraordinary massage I will always remember

Julian on Playa del Ingles Gay Tantra & Massage, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-11-19

“Even though I have had a couple of tantra massages before, I was a little bit nervous when I met Martin. But with the peaceful environment and Martin's presence and voice I immediately felt completely relax. I dec...” read more

When is the peak time?

Roll on Phoenix Sauna – Düsseldorf, Dusseldorf, Germany on 2017-11-19

“Last month, visited this sauna (been to Phoenix Koln a few times), it was on Saturday evening but it was rather quiet despite the weekend. There were a few visitors but they seemed undecided about what they are looking f...” read more

Friendly and comfy place

Albert on The Kinky’s, Antwerp, Belgium on 2017-11-18

“The bar man does everything to make it a nice place, a very smiley and friendly guy who makes you feel welcome. So people feel relax and are playful. It is a nice place where you can be yourself, where touching becomes...” read more

Don't waste your time

Philip on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-18

“I've been visiting this place for probably the past 10 years and I agree with the others that it was declined. Each time I have gone it is emptier and more full of smoke (come on Berlin!). But last night I tried to go ...” read more

Rude staff, average experience

Philip on Reizbar, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-18

“I don't understand this place. I've visited several times and each and every time the bartenders truly enjoy repeating to your face "I DON'T SPEAK ENGLISH". First of all when you are asking for a beer it's not too diffic...” read more

Nice staff

Philip on Stahlrohr, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-18

“I had also been at Laboratory and decided to check this out last night. Maybe I was early (it was 12am) but it was very quiet. The barmen were very friendly, unlike other places in Berlin.” read more

Don't get this place

Philip on TOM’S Bar, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-18

“I find it sketchy. Barmen and doormen are grumpy. OK for a drink but not much more.” read more

Was better when downstairs was open

Philip on CDL, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-18

“I didn't have a negative experience with the bar staff or the doorman (he was actually friendly). There were probably 15 guys on a Friday night-- it was fun but I agree with the previous posters that the club was more ...” read more


Philip on Lab-oratory @ Berghain, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-18

“Yes, this is a pretty hot place and there is definitely something for everyone. But it is a little overrated. And the place stinks of cigarette smoke (welcome to Berlin).” read more

Enjoyed the atmosphere

Abel on Shower & Bar, Madrid, Spain on 2017-11-18

“Went for the bar around 3am on a Saturday. Guy at the door was polite and helpful, the bartender was just as kind. Set the ambiance in a good way so I felt comfortable pretty much as soon as the pants came off. I reall...” read more


Milos on Edelheiss, Munich, Germany on 2017-11-18

“It is a nice small bar. Generaly older men of 40+ are comming here and it is a men only bar. It is easy to find since it is situated in main street in gayhood as many of other gay bars. It is a small bar but very cozy an...” read more


Humberto on TEXAS Sauna, Stockholm, Sweden on 2017-11-18

“Worst sauna in the world. Dirty, cold water, seedy, very dissatisfied. Incredible the Stockholm has such a decadent gay sauna.... Hard to believe !” read more

Worst Place Ever

Libi on MANHATTAN, Stockholm, Sweden on 2017-11-18

“It has a lot of space but the people where very old and weird. No action” read more


Matt on Quentin Design Hotel, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-17

“Booked at Berlin Quentin Hotels and make a genuine mistake with my booking (in 6 months time). Less than 24 hours after the booking, the hotel point-blank refused to amend my booking (the airline recognised this was a ge...” read more


Matthew on KAOS Bar, Blackpool, United Kingdom on 2017-11-16

“Bar staff flirting, instead of serving customers, DJ Wednesday is very rude shouting at customers on the mic.” read more

Just a place for me

Anton on The Locker Room, London, United Kingdom on 2017-11-15

“Have just been there tonight. Arrived around 6 pm and leaved around 8.30 completely satisfied. The place is compact but built in a very good way for playing. Most of the guys just my favourite age which is 40+ and very i...” read more


m on Klub Dark Angels, Poznan, Poland on 2017-11-15

“Nice place, good deco, friendly staff, not to many scruffs.” read more

Not the highest standards

m on Scorpio Club, Poznan, Poland on 2017-11-15

“Rather basic and smelly, especially upstairs.” read more


Tim on Lads Locker Room, Bristol, United Kingdom on 2017-11-15

“After a long absence, I paid a visit to Lad's Locker Room in Bristol on Tuesday October 23 2017, the first naked day after what they had proudly claimed on their Facebook page was going to be a "partial refurbishment". T...” read more

Danke für diese sinnliche Erfahrung

Dirk on Playa del Ingles Gay Tantra & Massage, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-11-15

“Lieber Martin, wie du weißt, war es für mich die erste intensive Erfahrung mit Tandra und Massage. Vor dem Termin war ich etwas aufgeregt. Als du mich in Empfang genommen hast, war diese Aufregung wie weggefegt. Du war...” read more

Not worth the money

Dvir on The JAXX, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-14

“I received free entry from my hostel. There are cells with screening of adult movies and a few men walking around. It is not clear to me how such a place can afford to make a selection. The place is not successful at all...” read more

Upmarket lounge bar

Carl on Heile Welt, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-14

“Busy on weekends. Trendy, shaped gays & friends of various ages, locals and tourists. Guys there can be arrogant at times. Beware of pickpockets in the nearby streets.” read more


Carl on ToyBoy Bar, Berlin, Germany on 2017-11-14

“Full escorts. If you like that sort of audience, fine, otherwise avoid.” read more