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Older clientele

Dmitriy on Morgan Club, Nice, France on 2017-09-23

“Doorman is very rude. Don't think this place worth a visit. It caters mainly for the older clientele.” read more

Viva !

Marco on Bizzar Club, Athens, Greece on 2017-09-23

“Bizzar is a beautiful bar and I saw a dancing show with a very sexy guys. In fact, I have seen some phases in the toilets but this is the case in all the clubs of the world but none ask for money from us as I read. Mayb...” read more

Closed down

Andy on SPLASH Sauna – Liverpool – reported closed, Liverpool, United Kingdom on 2017-09-23

“Finally closed. some statement given about increased rent, but suspect the owner didn't want to spend the money on renovations that it desperately needed.” read more


AJ on Bangalov, Milan, Italy on 2017-09-22

“I loved this club! So much nicer than a lot of the other places out there. Great vibe. Hot men. Well designed interior. The owners really went all out and made a great looking club and it shows by the crowd they have a...” read more


Jyri on FLEX Sauna, Athens, Greece on 2017-09-22

“I will visit Athens mid October and would like to spend some time in FLEX. Unfortunately I'm already 55 and my friend is 70 (but in good shape). Does the Sauna lets us in or are we too old?” read more

Obbio by holiday

Jesús on OBBIO Club, Seville, Spain on 2017-09-22

“This club has two venues. One in the pic is in jesús del gran poder street the big one and the best. It really worth a visit.” read more

Is there a gay Mykonos ?

Paora on Jackie O’, Mykonos, Greece on 2017-09-21

“Stuffy staff, full of straight couples, not what I expected from Mykonos's premier gay venue! Great location & decor and music!” read more

Has potential

Alex on BUNKER Bar, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-09-21

“Quite a good setup, with a reasonably-sized basement cruising area beneath the main bar. Further space upstairs adds to the variety - although it's a bit of a mish-mash, with seating, play spaces and porn viewing areas a...” read more

Good for cruising or drinking

Alex on CRUISE Bar, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-09-21

“Quite enjoyed this place. There are plenty of booths and a couple of more public areas for playing. Not really a "maze" but there are good opportunities to meet and to play. The main bar and, in particular, the outdoo...” read more

Bent/ OMG Bar gay dance club in Bristol


Jason on Bent / OMG Bar, Bristol, United Kingdom on 2017-09-21

“Expensive, repetitive, terrible drag queen and doesn't even bother to change the play list. Shallow people lingering around on Grindr and sneering at you and rude door staff.” read more

Not a gay bar!

Darragh on Klub Pozytywka, Krakow, Poland on 2017-09-21

“And not a stocked bar! Advised only Stout could be bought when we checked it out. I would avoid unless you like stout!” read more

gay bar in Warsaw


Marcos on Mask Club, Warsaw, Poland on 2017-09-21

“This club was closed on Tuesday 19 09 2017 at 11 :30 is in a very downmarket area of Warsaw.” read more

Very good

Neil on BUNKER Club Roma, Rome, Italy on 2017-09-21

“Very good party, I visited on Sunday afternoon for special party. It was full of hot guys, maybe 100 guys inside. Very friendly staff, free food and water. Lots of fun and can't wait to go back!” read more

Very good

Neil on Il Diavolo Dentro, Rome, Italy on 2017-09-21

“Friendly staff and made to feel very welcome. Big dark room with lots of hot guys. I visited on a Friday night and stayed until the next morning. I had so much fun with super hot Italian guys. It can be difficult to find...” read more

Nice bar

Neil on Company ROMA, Rome, Italy on 2017-09-21

“Nice bar with plenty of space. Very friendly staff and bar man. It's nice to have a true men only bar in the city. A little quite when I visited but still had fun with the bears.” read more

Appalling place

Neil on CRUZ 101, Manchester, United Kingdom on 2017-09-21

“Cruz101 s no longer a gay club. Mostly drunk silly heterosexual girls - sometimes aggressive towards the few gays that still go. The entrance fee is very expensive at £12. The venue is small with just one floor and a da...” read more


Ray on Basement Complex, Manchester, United Kingdom on 2017-09-20

“The guy on reception is so rude and speaks to you like your a child. I asked for an extra towel and was willing to pay for it, but he just shouted 'no' at me. The place stinks, the sauna is dirty with broken tiles. Peopl...” read more

Silly Pop Music

Hanz on EAGLE Manchester, Manchester, United Kingdom on 2017-09-20

“I visit from Germany, this bar is stupid. It is a bar for the camp man to dance to silly pop music and watch stupid drag show. Staff do not welcome visitors.” read more


Eden on Boltz, Birmingham, United Kingdom on 2017-09-20

“Fantastic, best fun ever in the darkroom. Good glory holes with keen participants. Only trouble you can never tell who's gonna show up to the party. Not mad on the newer layout. Miss the old darkroom. It can get a bit gr...” read more

Entrance to Katerinas Cocktail bar Mykonos

Gay ?

Paora on Katerina’s Bar & Restaurant, Mykonos, Greece on 2017-09-20

“Every person besides myself, in this place is straight couple. Staff were not enthusiastic to serve either. Great location & music though !” read more


Tom on BASE Sauna (H2O), Manchester, United Kingdom on 2017-09-20

“Sleazy, unclean and over priced.” read more

Not worthy

Rough on Europa Multiclub (EMC), Rome, Italy on 2017-09-20

“Full of old age groups. Young are arrogant. Masseur is the sexiest one ever. No available lubes at rooms. Receptionist was tough.” read more

Cheap bar

Seb on Nightbarcelona, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-09-20

“Drinks are cheap. I went on a Tuesday and crowd was mostly old with few straight looking guys coming after 10pm-11pm. Cruising area is not big. Only few cabins. All cabins have glory hole and therefore if you find mister...” read more

The massage I have received!!!

Damian on Sensual Tantric, London, United Kingdom on 2017-09-19

“Antonio introduces sufficient change to his massages so that there is always a sense of novelty, and that you aren't having the exact same massage as you had previously. Despite this , the time still passes too quickly! ...” read more

Sun City Paris Gay Sauna

Not friendly

Mike on Sun City, Paris, France on 2017-09-19

“Most of the staff are rude and not friendly. One of them threatened me that he can kick me out the sauna. He thought I was touching him while he was blocking my way in the alley besides he was going and walking in the da...” read more

Amazing place

James on The Greenhouse Sauna – Darlastan, Darlastan, United Kingdom on 2017-09-19

“I visit once a month from Wales and always have an amazing time, normally on a Wednesday but also Saturdays and Friday and this week a Tuesday. I am bottom and always get well serviced. Love the place. Staff are amazing ...” read more

Great concept, well executed

Ian on Sauna Thermas, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-09-19

“Some queens can't be positive and how better to be negative than to describe a sauna as "dirty?". How can a poor business owner defend himself against this? Given the diametrically opposed reviews, I had trouble deciding...” read more

Relaxed fun

Ian on Club Black Hole, Barcelona, Spain on 2017-09-19

“A friendly gentleman at the door bagged my clothes and did not charge me a membership fee, only an entry fee that included two drinks. Once inside there was a small locker room leading to a bar tended by two handsome...” read more


paddy on Sauna Principe, Madrid, Spain on 2017-09-19

“The best sauna in Madrid. Mainly for mature guys who like mature guys. Friendly staff and good facilities. Best time 2 pm to 6 pm. good value.” read more

My piece of heaven.

Paul on Gran Canaria Gay Massage, Gran Canaria, Spain on 2017-09-18

“Having never had a tantra massage before I was a little apprehensive but the website made everything very clear and answered all my questions. I visited Martin and he made feel so calm and at ease and took time to talk b...” read more