Tallinn Gay Bars & Clubs

Despite a small gay scene, Tallinn does have a couple of gay bars and dance clubs for you to explore.

X-Bar gay bar in Tallinn
X-Bar gay bar in Tallinn
X-Bar gay bar in Tallinn
X-Bar gay bar in Tallinn

Tatari 1, Tallinn | map | distance

| website |
+372 620 9266 |

weekday: 16:00 - 01:00

weekend: 16:00 - 03:00


audience rating: 3.0 stars from 5 votes - click to vote

For over 13 years, X-Bar has been the prime destination for open-minded men and women to meet, make friends and party the night away. Featuring two bars, a large dance floor, cosy seating areas and a smoking room.

Mostly crowded on weekends from 10pm. Very popular with both locals and tourists.

features: bar, music, dancing, karaoke, live music | Updated: 08-06-2017

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Kai 5 / Sadama 6, Tallinn | map | distance

| facebook

weekend: Fri,Sat 22:00 - 05:00


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Klubi PATT is a gay dance club for LGBT and friends in Tallinn and a place for free-minded people to meet and enjoy the different styles of music.

This relatively large club features a dance floor, lounge and a terrace with unique view on Tallinn’s Old Town, the city and the harbour area. Open on Fridays and Saturday nights.

features: bar, music, dancing | Updated: 26-08-2017

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G-Punkt gay dance party in Tallinn

G-Punkt – CLOSED

Pärnu mnt. 23, Tallinn

| website | facebook | +372 644 0552 |

audience rating: 4.0 stars from 1 votes - click to vote

CLOSED (December 2016).

Tallinn’s favourite gay dance party, taking place every Friday and Saturday night. G-Punkt attracts gay/ bisexual men and women every week for a fun evening of dance, drinks and discussion.

Local crowd, gets busy after 2am. Entry is €5 (free for members). Free entry before 1am. Happy hour between 1am-2am. Dress smart/casual.

| Updated: 08-01-2017

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